Common Types of Water Heater Leaks

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The water heater in your home is a huge part of your daily life. You use it to do laundry, clean dishes, takes showers and much more. Any piece of equipment that uses that much water will inevitably start to leak water. Call the Denver water heater repair professionals at Bell Plumbing and Heating today to talk with one of our expert plumbers. We have years of experience fixing all different kinds of water heaters and wanted to put together some of the most common leaks that we see.

Valves and Gaskets

There are many pipes going into and out of your water heater. There are seals and gaskets making sure that the water does leak out. But eventually, those rubber gaskets and valves can break down and wear out. This will allow water to leak out of your water heater. If you notice any puddles of water underneath your water heater, the Denver water heater repair pros at Bell Plumbing and Heating will make sure that it gets fixed fast.

The Water Heater Tank

Over time, the water tank can start to leak. One of the most common causes of tank leaks is too much pressure. Rust is another common cause of water heater tank leaks and often requires that you replace your water heater.

The Dip Tube

The dip tube in your water heater stretches from the top of the tank down to the bottom and carries cold water to the base of the tank where it is heated. If the dip tube comes loose it will mean that your home doesn’t get as much hot water as it needs. This leak is harder to detect because it is inside the tank itself. But if you start to notice that you aren’t getting as much hot water has you used to it could be an indication that the dip tub has come loose.

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